Climate Change Impacting Australia’s Ski Industry


Scientists are predicting that ski resorts in Australia are facing a reduction in snow depth, cover and duration. Artificial snow isn’t the answer either as that will be impacted too. Ski resorts will rely on big dumps of snow as we have seen this season, to make up for smaller snowfalls.

Tom Remenyi, a researcher at the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, says that within the next 10 – 20 years there will be a huge shift in snowfall and by the end of the century there will be a 20% drop in precipitation.

The government of Victoria is currently preparing a report on how this will impact alpine communities and the ski industry while New South Wales is working with UNSW in researching climate change and snowmaking conditions.

The industry is also aware of the dangers that this issue poses to the the ski season with Thredbo in NSW hosting an event “Protect Our Winters” to raise awareness of climate change and Vail Resorts who operate Perisher describing climate change as “one of the most significant challenges facing every country, every business and every person on the planet”.