Students Connect with Intouch CEO Alex Morcom


Intouch Technology Group CEO Alex Morcom
Intouch is a leading provider of POS, Ticketing & Reservation Software for Ski Areas, Resorts and Attractions.

Diploma of Business at Study Alpine students participated in an inspiring session with Intouch Technology Group CEO Alex Morcom on 2 August.

Intouch is a leading international ski resort tech company and we were really privileged to have Alex spend some time with us.  Alex spoke in depth about Intouch and its myriad of applications throughout their client ski resorts, from RFID to data management and analysis to cross integration and marketing, just to name a few.

Alex went on to cover how tech has transformed the way ski resorts operate and some emerging technologies to watch in the near future.  Students (and teacher alike!) where immersed, and will be continuing the conversation in class and online for distance students.

Thanks Alex – an informative and fascinating morning.